Vierge Group has more than 15 years of experience in support and help desk, we have the technical team and state-of-the-art platforms that guarantee the 24/7 operation of your systems, we have procedures based on ISO 27001 and PCI standards that guarantee the quality of our operation.

We bring your ticketing systems and service levels to centralized platforms, ensuring service efficiency.

Implementación de Aplicaciones

Application Deployment

The services associated with an enterprise software product define the difference between multiple vendors of the same application. Given the high level of investment and human resources committed to the implementation of enterprise applications, there are key elements that must be managed by specialized professionals. Vierge Group provides a range of services critical to the successful implementation of enterprise applications, for both owned and third-party applications, including: 

  • Deployment or commissioning (commissioning).
  • Post-deployment services, such as support, maintenance, and version upgrades.
  • Functional and operational consulting.

Monitoring and Administration

Markets are changing faster every day and require companies to implement a technology infrastructure that is secure, reliable, and adds value to the business. However, it is becoming increasingly complex and expensive to manage, as it must integrate servers, operating systems, applications, networks, and data storage from various hardware and software vendors. Vierge Group's management and monitoring services help clients maximize their IT investments, providing a modular service at a reasonable cost that improves business process productivity. This service ensures operational continuity, availability, integrity, and response times of the technology platform and associated applications, regardless of whether the data center is owned by Vierge Group or the customer.

Monitoreo y Administración
Soporte IT en demanda

IT support on demand

Vierge Group provides specialized technical assistance to resolve incidents in the area that affect the technological infrastructure for IT users (PC, laptop, printer, software productivity, operating system, etc.). Our technical service is committed to providing preventive maintenance and repairs to core devices, with the aim of ensuring operational continuity for users and core platforms.

  • We offer a multi-platform and multi-brand service.
  • Our service is delivered to the user's workstation or to our customers' premises.

Remote IT support

Our remote support service handles a centralized or distributed environment of end-user equipment. This includes computers, peripherals, printers, PDAs, mobile devices, and others, which belong to the organization and as such require proactive and homogeneous control, protection and maintenance. Vierge Group transforms reactive environments by introducing activities such as:

  • Asset Management 
  • Software distribution and updates 
  • Password reset 
  • Virus Control 
  • Support at the workstation 
  • Remote control

Vierge Group has specialized personnel with field experience in the integration of the various components, which is necessary to maintain operational continuity in technological environments, mitigate downtime risks, and maximize return on investment. Our specialist software support service provides technical assistance to our client's IT platform manager, to maintain or increase the operational continuity of a software solution that supports a business function.

Soporte IT remoto