Factory SW

Vierge Group is a specialist in Software Development, providing clients with the means to maintain or increase operational continuity.

Software Solutions

The renewal of the IT infrastructure is inevitable since information and technology advance by leaps and bounds and this change is necessary to be able to execute with operational efficiency and thus have the necessary capacity to respond to customers, workers and investors.

Our software solutions cover the different technologies that companies require today. We provide end-to-end solutions, configuration, training and support services; We comply with industry standards in the application of the highly complex technical projects required by our clients and ensure that each of our professionals is sufficiently trained to ensure that our projects work properly. We have a developer hub ready to work on what your company needs to be more competitive.

Centro de Desarrollo Dedicado

Dedicated Development Center

Vierge Group offers solutions that will meet the demands and needs of your business efficiently and effectively. Our Software Development Center (CDS) seeks to bring innovative and agile projects and ensure innovation for your sensitive business processes, while also supporting your strategy with our software.

Our development center reduces costs, ensures significant improvements in IT processes, and simplifies the way claims are handled, are some of the most difficult tasks faced by technology areas and the corporate world.

However, CDS focuses on developing software for different technologies and platforms (mobile, web, mainframe, ERP, and BI), in addition to meeting your business expectations.

Strategy and Consulting

The IT and Architecture consulting service Vierge Group offers comprehensive advice on IT processes and technological solutions. It transforms business needs into special solution proposals that incorporate technological, financial and quality perspectives. It supports tactical and strategic decision-making for our customers' executives, whether it's new solutions or optimizing solutions currently in production.

Estrategia y Consultoría
Servicios en Ciclo de Vida de Software

Software Lifecycle Services

ViergeGroup has the experience and knowledge of methodologies that seek to optimize tasks and ensure that the software life cycle is executed according to what is required by your organization, in this solution VG is your strategic ally to accompany you from the planning, design, execution and maintenance of your software projects.


The mobile solution is the ideal solution for those who want to improve the management of their field-based services using a web-based portal, or through the company network, using mobile technology. The Vierge Group's solution saves the company time by reducing travel, optimizing services, providing real-time performance data, and significantly improving operating costs, which also improves the corporate image.

Experiencia de Usuario UX

UX User Experience

The UX user experience is what a person perceives when interacting with a product or service, ViergeGroup's solution provides them with the necessary tools and advice to ensure that the content is useful, findable, valuable, desirable and accessible.

Testing, Quality Control, Compliance & Assurance

Vierge Group offers solutions for quality assurance of your software development processes, providing you with a team with experience in QA processes and certification processes, based on performance, functionality, and interoperability analysis, which will allow your software solutions to comply with the parameters and the defined scope.

Pruebas, Control de Calidad, Cumplimiento y Garantía
Desarrollo de Apps Móviles

Mobile App Development

Vierge Group offers a range of services for the successful implementation of business applications, both for owned and third-party applications. Vierge Group's applications were specifically made to enable our clients to expand, enable growth without injecting more capital, and respond to the threats and opportunities of the modern economy, such as an aging workforce, growth at marginal cost, etc.

This helps our customers achieve greater system integration, thereby improving the connection between components within the value chain and thus reducing siloed systems. Our application services manage all application development, maintenance, and support, so our customers can focus on their strategic business priorities.

Another benefit of working with us is that we can offer a range of innovative and flexible solutions, both in terms of practical approaches and business models. In practice, we offer application maintenance and production support services, application testing, enhancements, upgrades, end-to-end application development, and legacy application modernization.


Our services in this area include security solutions to prevent information theft, including firewalls and IDS (Intrusion Detection Systems), through the design and implementation of a security infrastructure that protects information and ensures that servers and applications are logically protected.

We have experience in the design, implementation and installation of various technologies developed by a major ecosystem of world-class partners, covering a wide range of information security features.



This technology offers high-availability solutions for those environments where it was previously not financially viable, or to deploy a virtual desktop, thus reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO) and increasing the security of a desktop solution.

At Vierge Group we sell, implement and support virtualization software supplied by the world leader, VMWare. We are duly qualified for the VAC Standard (VMWare Accredited Consultant), and have already implemented several successful projects using this technology.