Vierge Group helps its customers to become industry leaders and increase their market share. With our services your business will be able to simply improve your efficiency and productivity. We have the ability to support your business objectives and strategies.

Our complete IT Outsourcing services allow you to identify those technological services that add real value to your business, resulting in an increase in market share. In addition, our service is aligned to your business needs, so that your business will be more efficient within a specific market. Your business will then be in a position to increase competitiveness in the local and international market, to stimulate new business opportunities, to develop and market new value propositions, and to share knowledge in the development of new business initiatives.

To compete successfully in the increasingly globalized and competitive markets that operate today, it is essential to have an IT department that adds value to the business. The Vierge complete IT outsourcing service includes outsourcing of all or an important part of an organization's IT department, and can cover services, applications and / or technological infrastructure. These range from providing the platform (hardware), center-right data services, consulting, outsourcing and deployment of applications, support and maintenance of all disaster recovery systems and services or other specific services that add value to your business.

Vierge is a world-class technology operator and understands that each outsourcing service has been designed for a particular situation, offering the right combination of services. Vierge successfully balances the two historically conflicting attributes of outsourcing: namely, the experience and economies of scale offered by a world-class enterprise; against, an agile response that adapts a value proposition to each market