Organizations across the board are facing many changes as a result of rapidly emerging market trends.  To be prepared for this dynamic scenario, they must be mindful to ensure the optimal functioning of all processes in the value chain.  Identifying competitive advantages is essential to maximizing the value added of a business, as measured by key indicators such as Time to Market (TTM), Time to Solution (TTS) and Time to Production (TTP), and reducing the TCO of app services.

Vierge Group has developed close partnerships with the manufacturers of apps and IT tools.  We combine their products with our own to cover a broad spectrum of technological support for different business processes.  

We provide tools and applications for meeting challenges such as ERP, client and asset management, business intelligence, content management, BPM, and financial logistical controls.  Among the effective tools and applications we employ to serve our clients are: CRM, asset management, ERP FIN 700, business intelligence, content management, SAP ERP, foreign trade solutions, tax & accounting management solutions, and BPM.